HR Consulting

Power Group HR Consulting provides you with the tools to improve your business performance. A great part of your organization’s success depends on the leadership and expertise of your employees. That’s why a well prepared team of professionals can ensure you meet your performance objectives.

That’s where we come in – by helping you and your staff work together in new ways to achieve mutual success. We take the time to understand your organization and business challenges. We work with each client to design a program to meet your needs and expectations.

Let our experts deliver HR programs that reduce risk, increase employee retention and improve bottom line performance!

Our consulting services include:

    • Job descriptions and employee performance plans
    • Performance management processes and systems

Compliance Wheel

  • Compensation and reward systems
  • Career planning and mapping
  • Effective human capital processes
  • Employee recognition and suggestion schemes
  • Management and compliance training
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Improved and more efficient business processes
  • Training and development analysis
  • Coaching and feedback for individual or teams
  • Promotional/career development support and guidance to the employees
  • Exit interviews and employee turnover analysis


You expect experience, excellence, and full accountability – and we deliver.

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