Power Group’s Solution to Healthcare Reform

By on March 4, 2013

For a successful company you have to know that employees are the most important aspects of your company.  A happy and healthy company can only come from happy and healthy employees.  Investing in wellness initiatives and a benefit programs can show the largest return on investment if implemented correctly. However,  as a conscious consumer of healthcare and the inevitable increase in renewal rates, despite these efforts, can cause a bit of healthcare insanity.

Power Group is taking this into consideration to offer employers a way out.  It may not be the perfect fit for every employer. However for some it could be one of the best employee benefits solutions available on the market.  Take control of your healthcare costs with Power Group’s Benefit Captive Services.  Stop paying for the rotten apples and get the rates based on your company and other like-minded companies who have invested in their employees’ wellness.

With Health Care Reform and an increasing emphasis on wellness, self-funded plans are gaining in popularity among mid-size employers.

Let our expertise help you gain greater control of your health plan. Some of the advantages include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Increased cash flow
  • Flexibility in benefit decisions, administration and funding

In addition, while a significant number of Health Care Reform provisions apply both to fully insured and self-funded plans, there are many from which only self-funded plans are exempt. This means potential savings.


Group captives can make self-funding employee health benefits a bit less daunting. They are a means of aggregating employer groups to create a larger risk pool while still creating the flexibility and transparency of traditional self funding.

Power Group will work with you to determine the best plan and funding strategy for your organization.

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